The Keene Centre for the Arts – New Location for Live Music

When we first purchased the building I decided to produce a Christmas play in Keene to introduce our theatre to the neighbourhood.

We continued to renovate and on Jan 17th 2019 I had auditions for Alice in Wonderland , a play that I had just newly adapted and set to music.

Our Opening Cabaret was performed on February 22 2019.

Our first event where we were fully officially open with a liquor license in our own venue was for the band Chic n Pot Pi on May 25 2019.
We had three performances of Alice in Wonderland on June 14/15th at our own venue and a fourth at Norwood High. Plus six events since we have been officially open including Al Lerman, Rick Fines And Melissa Payne plus a tribute to Garth Brooks.

Matt and I were given the County of Peterborough award for Leadership in Art and Culture which was something that had never happened to either of us before and Matt was too shy to get up to accept the award but I made him😋

Stay tuned for Ken Tizzard (Nov 15th), Cheryl Casselman (Nov22nd) And more!!

Please purchase tickets (sooner than later) via the link on each of our event pages, so we can continue to fill our new venue with amazing performers.

by Ida Brown

The Keene Centre for the Arts is listed on Live Music Ontario.