Soul Maître Ds

Soul Maitre D's

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Group Info: When two seasoned singer/songwriters like Henry Lees and Lawrie Ingles combine efforts, the results are bound to be as tasty and satisfying as your favourite old mix tape or new playlist.

Lawrie is one busy musician – singing, playing guitar, keys or bass in any number of bands at a time, including Elton Rohn, David Storey, Tristan Avakian, Southern Sky and Tyler Ellis and the Eddy Line. He’s also a talented songwriter and his wordplay-laden lyrics offer a trusting glimpse into his emotional and intellectual depth.

Henry has performed nationwide with actor, musician and Order of Canada honouree Tom Jackson on his Huron Carole benefit tours, sharing stages with exceptional and lauded talents like Shannon Gaye, Kristian Alexandrov, Natalie McMaster, The Rankins, Melanie Doane and Charlie Major.

They singularly shine on their own, but together, Lawrie Ingles and Henry Lees are uniquely and brilliantly entertaining.

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