Sonic Peach Music

Sonic Peach Music Toronto recording
Sonic Peach Music Toronto  recording

High resolution audio and legacy recordings of original music. A Toronto-based record label founded by Howard Gladstone and Laura Fernandez.

Sonic Peach Music was formed in 2017 in Toronto Canada to present original music, recorded in high-resolution audio format.

The founders are Howard Gladstone and Laura Fernandez who bring a diverse, and varied background in music, business, and arts to their new venture.

Sonic Peach Music’s mandate is to present the music of performing and recording musicians on the label who are focused on presenting their music in the highest possible quality formats. Standard resolution recordings (CD quality) will also be supported, as will legacy recordings of label artists.

High-resolution audio provides an “in the studio” experience that cannot be matched by standard recordings. High resolution audio streaming and playback systems are coming into mainstream. Sonic Peach Music is committed to creating a catalogue of high-resolution audio recordings of original music.


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