Impression Recording Studio

Impression Recording Studio Hamilton Ontario
Impression Recording Studio Hamilton Ontario

Niagara Falls, Ontario

A hybrid analog & digital recording studio, influenced by the past and sounding like the future.

My name is Mark Rogers and I’m the founder of Impression Recording Studio established in 2020 in Niagara Falls, Canada. It’s a hybrid analog/digital studio, where the recording environment has been re-imagined to once again capture inspired human expression. As a musician myself, I prefer a space absent of an enshrined screen or digital workstation, and would much rather surround myself with vintage analog gear and all its classic, unique (and sometimes quirky) characteristics.


From pre-production to finished masters, we’ll creatively guide your project from conception to completion. Our comfortable, vibey recording environment includes a 24’ x 12’ control room, 22’ x 12’ live room, 15’ x 7’ vocal room, and a natural ambience/reverb chamber with 18’ ceilings.


A choice selection of dynamic, condenser, tube and ribbon microphones (Stam, Miktek, Warm, Shure) through Class A mic-pres (SSL, AEA, Focusrite, Warm Audio) – tracked to two Alesis HD24XR’s (48 Tracks of shareable audio files) –  dynamically processed with hand-picked gear (UREI, Kush, Orban, Stam, Klark Teknik, Lexicon, BSS) – routed, summed and mixed through an SSL SiX Super Analogue board – recorded to a 1969 Ampex 440B ¼” 2 track analog tape recorder – converted to the digital domain using an SSL-2 audio interface and (if required) edited on your favourite DAW (ProTools, Logic, etc.).


KEYS > 1950s Chickering acoustic piano, 1956 Hammond M3 organ, Fender Rhodes 73, Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synth. AMPS / CABINETS > 70s HIWATT Custom 50, 1956 Tube Leslie 125, 90s Fender Blues DeVille, 1950s 5w Hammond aka “The Chimp”, 1970s 2w Garnet (Stencil) Concord, 70s Yamaha FIFTY 410, Marshall 1960 JCM 4 x 12. DRUMS > Yamaha, Gretsch, Rogers, Ludwig and Slingerland drums. LP Bongos, Congas, percussion.


70s Maestro EchoPlex, 60s Ampex tape slap, 70s Tapco Spring Reverb, Tascam 244 – 4 track (great for reverse tape effects), cassette hacked 1w guitar amp (you read that right), Kustom 300E amp,  80s Yamaha DX7 and Roland R8 drum machine (for some primitive midi), lots of cool pedals (MXR Phaser, original 70s BigMuff, etc.) and whatever ticks, tocks, and keeps a session magic.

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