Drom Taberna

DROM Taberna Toronto Eastern European Restaurant World Music
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458 Queen St. W.
Toronto M5V 2A8

Website: https://www.dromtaberna.com/
Phone: 647-748-2099
Accessibility: Yes

DROM Taberna Toronto Eastern European Restaurant World Music

Eastern European style pub. Drinks, food and live music.

DROM Taberna keeps an active calendar of LIVE MUSIC through the week, some starting at 5 pm on weekdays (except Tuesdays).
We present a wide range of international genres of music, including things that might be totally unexpected such as Classical quartets!

DROM Taberna is a heartfelt homage to places that we came from, have traveled to, or have never been – the lands that stretch from the Baltic to the Balkans to the Black Sea.

Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belorus, Czeska Republika, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Georgia.

The golden thread that ties this soil together is the Romani people. From the deserts of India, over mountain and sea in their westward journey, the gypsies brought the traveller spirit to many gadjo.

That is us, finding community amongst strangers, joy in the face of adversity, immigrant souls eating, drinking and playing music together.

In Romani Latcho Drom means “safe journey”. Drom is a Slavic loan word that means voyage, travel, adventure, the open road…

Free Wi-Fi

NEW HOURS – as of Feb 2023
Sunday – Wednesday 6 pm til 2 am
Thursday – Saturday 5 pm til 4 am

Accessibility, we have an accessible entrance from the street side of the building. There is a main floor accessible bathroom as well.

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