Batstone’s Northern Ramble

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616 Kidd Rd.
Ashton K0A 1B0

Phone: 613-612-3600
Accessibility: unknown

No longer hosting events

January 2023 message from Dean Batstone (source: Facebook)

After many inquiries and a lot of thought, I’m letting those who are interested know that I’ve decided to discontinue hosting venues, at least for now, at Batstone’s Northern Ramble. Through the hundreds of shows at the original Renfrew venue, to the dozen or so at the schoolhouse, it’s been an absolute thrill for me to open my doors to my peers, friends and the general public…and an honour to meet and hear all of the wonderful artists that shared their talents under my roof[s]. I could lament all day…week…year over the woes that Covid caused my life/business, but those who know me know I don’t spend much time dwelling on the past, blaming the world at large, or even licking my wounds, if I even have any I’m willing to expose…?. On the contrary, I feel blessed…and with it comes an easy acceptance that whatever I direct my Battitude and energy toward next, I’ll be smiling. A humble, heart-felt thank you to all of the musicians, the numerous volunteers who helped me, and especially to the patrons. Music, in whatever form, is my passion…and my refuge…it’s where you’ll always find me, if you’re looking…xo

LIVE MUSIC ONTARIO will keep this listing available for the time being as a notice regarding this change. Batstone’s Northern Ramble was a model of why this site was created – giving more exposure to the out of the way venues doing their thing for folk / folk roots live music as a integral part of their being.



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