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Fall weekends

Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. “accomplice” Charlie Ross is helping to keep the Indie Music energy alive with bookings and promos of independent acts for a restaurant & bar in small town (very small town) Ontario. It’s a platform for him to continue the philosophy of Soul Asylum Poetry to help profile some of the talented musicians that can be found playing, composing and jamming with their friends at venues in pretty much every corner of the province.

This particular location – Fanjoy Restaurant & Bar in Hillsburgh, Ontario – is so far showcasing musicians mostly from the folk/roots base, but they are just as adept at playing covers of popular contemporary music and the soft rock classics. It hasn’t taken long for the referrals to flow in and more genres are being sought that work in a cozy 40 seat location, not looking to be another place with a bar and a loud band.

There is a web page section dedicated to profiling the artists with sample audio and videos, in keeping with the exposure provided for so long at the Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. website.
Fanjoy – Live Music