Just reached 230 Locations

We finally got past 200 locations set up, with many more to come.

My motorcycle season has about come to an end. It’s back to peering out a car windshield but at least the heater will be a welcome thing. One of the nice things about being out for a full day passing through small towns and seldom visited cities in Ontario was discovering for myself some of the live music places that have been successfully drawing a full house to hear performances, week after week. In several cases, until you get inside, there is no clue that some big name talents have appeared over the years.

We are trying to fulfill the objective of representing as much of Ontario as practical, including those smaller venues where music is often not their #1 priority but they are still hiring musicians locally and from afar, and open to booking new acts. Our latest addition is The Capitol Centre in North Bay.

The other time consuming function for the Events section is to get actual performance dates entered. Having as many music friendly locations as possible already in the system makes this easier. Having event details online far enough in advance needs the participation of musicians, using their own Live Music Ontario login – a no charge feature.

A continuous effort is underway to get the system to a pick and click format as much as possible when musicians want to enter their event listings, matched to the locations where they happen.

Video tutorial/walk throughs are now coming online to demonstrate the basics for building up your own collections of Events and Locations. And for music fans, how to search a multitude of ways for what you enjoy.