Tyler Ellis & Friends

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Fri - Oct. 15
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Hirut Café, Toronto


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Tyler Ellis with Howard Rabkin and Mark Thackway

If you like your songs with a little tongue-in-cheek yet with their finger firmly on the pulse of the human condition, then Tyler Ellis is for you. “Tell the sound man to mix it for my mom; she likes to hear a lot of me.” (Music as Usual)

Tyler Ellis has worn two musical hats for a long time. Two wonderful musical hats. On the one hand, a critically acclaimed, award winning singer/songwriter; on the other, an award winning music teacher. With the 2019 release of the double album, Well-Seasoned, Ellis confidently throws both hats into the ring. His wry, thoughtful songs about love and life in The Great White North comfortably rubbing shoulders with his songs about the seasons, Venn-Diagrams, and counting to ten.