Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

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Sat - Sep. 25
8:00 pm

Neat Music and Coffee, Burnstown


Samantha Martin is the lead singer, songwriter and focal point of the group. A dynamic front woman, she possesses a stunning voice that is capable of summoning up tidal waves of spine-tingling emotion in one instance while delicately bringing out the nuances of a gut-wrenching lyric in the next. A torrid force of nature, night after night she takes audiences to emotional peaks while leaving them stunned with her sheer pin-you-against-the-wall power.

While Martin is a powerhouse unto herself, the vocal alchemy of Delta Sugar is not the work of a single talent. In combination with what she likes to term her “co-vocalists,” the vocal blend that Delta Sugar produces is pure, unadulterated gospel-tinged, neuron-tingling magic where the sum is even richer than the already soul-melting parts.

The first single from Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar’s stunning new album, The Reckless One, is a four-on-floor stomping dance track entitled “Don’t Have To Be.” Sporting a melody that will have listeners singing along, the track features swirling Booker T-inspired organ, a swaggering horn line and Samantha Martin’s trademark hurricane-force vocals. Irresistibly catchy, the song has been filling dance floors every night since she started performing it.

Live music outdoors. Buy 4 to 10 tickets. Dinner reservation optional (5:30-7 pm).