Meghan Patrick

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Mon - Oct. 25
8:00 pm

FLATO Academy Theatre, Lindsay


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Gifted, award-winning, chart-topping… cool. There are plenty of apt adjectives that apply to Meghan Patrick. But perhaps the most meaningful descriptor for the acclaimed country singer/songwriter is authentic.

Patrick is a musician who always tells it like it is in a voice as gorgeously persuasive as they come. So, when she describes her electrifying third full-length studio album Heart on My Glass as “the most ‘me’ record I’ve ever made,” it’s a profound statement given the sincerity that has come before.

It’s also a handy metaphor for summing up the new album’s many sonic textures and flavours, some familiar to long-time listeners and others new— blues and gospel anyone? — but all yanked straight from Patrick’s rich reservoir of influences.

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