Jim Cuddy

Meaford Hall Art and Cultural Centre
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Tue - Dec. 13
7:30 pm

Meaford Hall, Meaford


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Jim Cuddy

Jim Cuddy acoustic guitar photo

On Countrywide Soul, Jim re-worked a number of songs previously recorded for his solo career and with Blue Rodeo. To round out the record, he wrote two new songs and included a couple of favourite cover songs.

“When choosing songs for the album, I tried to find those in which I could change the mood and tone as in ‘All In Time’ or songs that had been underdeveloped on previous records such as ‘Clearer View’,” says Jim. “’Almost Persuaded’ was a song Blue Rodeo performed in the early days. It was a favourite of an old friend of ours, so I recorded this in her honour.”

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