Black Suit Devil with full band

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Fri - Jul. 26
9:00 pm - 11:59 pm

Market Brewing Co., Newmarket



Singer/Songwriter Andy Du Rego took his years of experience in the blues & rock scenes as a guitarist and has fused it with his life experiences to breathe life into the Black Suit Devil project.

An ever-evolving project best described currently as Acoustic Soul is a fusion of the Folk, Roots, Blues & Soul genres. While the name Black Suit Devil would represent the corporate big wigs behind the worlds figurative curtains, Du Rego uses music as his medium to give voice to social injustice, current political affairs, and shed light on the states of humanity, among other things…




“Du Rego offers me instant comparisons to the folk-roots elements of the likes of early Fogerty, Springsteen and even Young. With his raw, emotional delivery and outpouring of his soul during “Fumble,” Du Rego demonstrates that he is worthy of being named in such good company”
— Great Dark Wonder

“Black Suit Devil – Fumble
-It’s just a strummed guitar and a whispered vocal. I know. Trust me I get it. But holy hell does this guy have soul in his voice. Sometimes you don’t hear a song so much as you feel it. This is an incredible song and stands out like a lighthouse beacon on a dark night for us. The Kensrue-esque sincerity and delivery made fans of us right away. We’ll be watching this fella’s career for sure.”
— Ear To The Ground